Presale Procedures:

  • The Agreement authorises the Golden Bell Co. for the sale of cars with the provision of checking cars from Eppco Co.
  • Payment of all outstanding fines of the car and registration charges.
  • Paying the Municipality fees
  • Announcing for the Auction containing the time, Number of cars, model and make.
  • Giving sufficient time to study the car (two days before the auction)
  • Organising the cars and giving them serial numbers
  • Printing and distributing information about the cars

Sales Procedures:

  • The buyer should pay a refundable deposit before the start of the auction to maintain the seriousness of their intent
  • Each buyer will be issued a card authorising him to bid during the auction
  • The name of the final bid will be registered by Golden Bell.
  • The buyer will be required to make an immediate payment.

After Sales Procedures:

  • Payment:
    Golden Bell will do all its accounting and organizing the fund collection through expert accountants to guarantee the rights of both parties and provide the details of rates and related informations after each aucton. Golden Bell will also be responsible in collecting the compound entry fee for the municipality.
  • Delivery:
    The sales agreement and the vehicle transfer certificate duly signed by seller will be handed over to the new owner.
  • All formalities pertaining to the sale of the car should be completed immediately after the auction. The car will then be delivered to the new owner.

General Summary:

The cars description is provided to the company from the seller before the auction.

On the day of the Auction:

All the related documents and Eppco mechanical test papers should be submitted with fees of 10 dhs for each car and kept in municipality cash.

The auction will be run by Golden Bell as per the rules and regulations pertaining to an auction. The car will be sold and registered in the Traffic Dept office located on the site. The deal will be notified and attested by municipality and the car will be released to new owner.


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